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Vintage Vultures

May 17, 2008

Vintage stuff is selling like crazy these days. It’s almost getting annoying how you can’t go through the city without seeing a dozen of Jopos here and there. Here’s a look from my window to the backyard today:

The white one is Lassi’s and behind it a black Jopo belonging to some other cool cat living in the building.

Same goes with the Mini Cooper. Probably the same people buying those when they grow out of the Jopo-phase. Caught these two Minis lined up last weekend, the older one is much sweeter to my liking.

What’s next… will PC’s be cool again one day?


Brand Tagging Beijing

May 14, 2008

Seth led me to this folksonomy heaven called brand tags.

The idea is old and simple: you’re shown a logo of a company and you type in the first word that comes into your mind. The result is a collectively gathered tag cloud that shows the company what people really think of their brand.

That particular site hasn’t played the word association game long enough yet, but if the word spreads, I’m guessing the companies in question will be checking back in frequently. I would.

For example, it’s pretty clear that the Beijing Olympics have a serious image problem in their hands:

Also a favorite from Subway‘s tag cloud, right there below “healthy”… :

Hey, just helping to spread the word, that’s all.